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Coming in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials - siding is the key to a beautiful home.  Using the wide variety of options available, any home can be updated, embellished or completely made over to increase curb appeal, to be different than the neighbors or simply to create a desired look.  The professional staff at any of our five locations can assist in maneuvering through the myriad options and combinations to reach the desired appearance. Among our primary offerings are:


Brick – Coming in multitudes of colors and shades, brick has been proven for centuries to be the superior wall cladding product from fires, high wind, moisture and obviously dents and dings.  Holding it looks longer and requiring less maintenance than other siding materials, brick is also naturally energy-efficient and inherently a “green” building material.

Fiber-Cement lap, shakes, soffit or panels – Having the look of wood but few of its problems, fiber-cement siding is a very popular choice of today’s informed homeowner.  Made up of sand, wood fiber and cement, this siding will not burn, rot or succumb to insect damage.  Available primed or in prefinished colors with warranties up to 50 years, fiber-cement delivers the performance of masonry at a fraction of the cost of wood, stone or brick.  While not totally maintenance free like vinyl, upkeep is minimal when compared to wood, composite or hardboard sidings.  Additionally, fiber-cement does not suffer the many weaknesses inherent in vinyl.  Aside from being noncombustible, it is also is extremely resistant to wind (up to 130 mph), hail, UV radiation, brittleness and cracking.

Stone Veneer – Primarily an accent product, stone veneer provides a unique beauty and ruggedness to a home.  Used inside and out, stone veneer shares the primary physical attributes of brick and natural stone but costs less than natural stone, weighs much less and come in more designs and colors.

Vinyl lap, shake & soffit - Vinyl is the primary siding used on many of today’s homes due to its low cost, ease of installation and maintenance free aspect.  Available in multiple colors and patterns, it is primarily a horizontal lap product available in wood grain or smooth with various profiles and widths.

PVC trim – PVC, produced as trim boards, sheets, mouldings, T&G profiles, column wraps and soffit, is rapidly gaining market share as replacement for any place wood would be used on a home.  Totally impervious to insects and highly resistant to moisture, PVC products are available in wood grain or smooth finishes.  It also cuts, routs, paints and fastens easily. 

Composite trim – Using a combination of wood fibers, resins and zinc borate, composite trim is a more economical solution than PVC or fiber-cement but remains highly resistant to moisture, rot and termites, carrying warranties up to 50 years.  Being of uniform density, composite is each to machine, cut and nail without chipping or splitting.  With a total absence of wane, voids or knots, composite material eliminates the waste factor found in natural wood.  It is generally manufactured with a smooth and wood grain side for easy reversibility and comes with a factory primer ready for a final top coat of paint.

Pine siding – Available in 3/8” or 5/8” panels, pine siding panels are an economical siding with both interior and exterior applications.

Hardboard lap & panels – Primarily a replacement product for older construction, hardboard siding is still available in varying widths of lap siding and in 4’ wide vertical sheets.


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