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We Invest In Our People

US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform

Military Leave

At Goldsboro Builders Supply and Family of Companies, we support our military and are extremely thankful for their service, which is why we offer paid military leave.  Leave of absence for Reserve or National Guard military duty will be granted for up to two weeks of active duty for military training.  These two weeks are not counted against the normal PTO.

Pocket Watch

Paid Time Off

PTO is an all-purpose time off policy for employees to use for vacation, illness or injury, and personal business.  It combines traditional vacation, sick leave and floating holiday plans into one flexible, paid time-off policy.  The Company prorates your PTO during the first partial calendar year of employment based on the first of the month following thirty days from your hire date.  All subsequent full years of employment PTO eligibility follows a schedule.

competitive pay.jpg

Competitive Pay

In addition to our benefits, job satisfaction, and camaraderie at work, we also offer competitive pay that may include base pay and additional incentives, depending on position.  

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Volunteer/ Community Service

Goldsboro Builders Supply and Family of Companies recognizes the importance of building positive relationships within our community, which is why we offer up to 16 hours of normal paid work time every year so our people can volunteer if they would like to do so.  Our community service program is intended to encourage and support participation in community service activities that will contribute to the community and foster future growth and development needs.  

workplace care.jpg

Workplace Care

Workplace Care is a program that provides each employee with a Care Coach.  A Care Coach will stop by your work site on a weekly basis offering a moment of encouragement.  If you have something you want to discuss with your Care Coach, you may mention it at that time.  Depending on the nature and urgency of your need, your Care Coach will coordinate a place and time to meet with you.  This may be on your break, at lunch, after/ before work or by phone.  Your Care Coach also provides purpose planning sessions as needed, as well as, seminars (financial, leadership & life issues).

Image by Anastasiia Chepinska

Pregnancy Leave

We support growing families.  If a pregnant employee is temporarily unable to perform her job because of pregnancy she will be treated the same as any other temporarily disabled employee.  Following 3 months of consecutive employment, if an employee is absent from work as a result of a pregnancy-related condition and recovers, her position will remain open for her return.

paid holidays.jpg

Paid Holidays

At Goldsboro Builders Supply and Family of Companies, we observe nine paid holidays through the year as follows: 

  • New Year's Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Day after Thanksgiving Day

  • Day before or after Christmas (depends on how calendar falls that year)

  • Christmas Day

  • Birthday


Employer Match 401k

Thinking about your future is very important to us which is why we encourage every eligible employee to participate in the tax deferred savings program, 401-K.  GBS currently matches a percentage of what you put in.  GBS invests in your future.   

promote from within.jpg

Promotes from Within

We recognize that our employees are our greatest assets. So, when a new opportunity opens up, existing team members are the first ones we turn to when possible.  Two thirds of our current staff has received an internal promotion with the company.  Five out of six of our store managers were promoted to GM.

Graduation Celebration

Tuition Scholarship Program

University of Mount Olive has partnered with our organization and now offers a tuition scholarship for all employees.  The tuition scholarship is applicable to all degrees offered by UMO.  

Image by Thea Hdc

Funeral Leave

One can never be compensated for the loss of an immediate family member through death.  In the event of such an occurrence, it is the intent of the company to protect employees from loss of earnings due to making necessary funeral arrangements and attending the funeral.  All FULL-TIME employees who have ninety (90) or more days of continuous service will be paid up to a maximum of two days absences for each occasion of death in the immediate family.

group insurance.jpg

Group Insurance

The burdensome expenses of a major injury or sickness can seriously affect your financial security.  Major medical benefits help protect you against such expenses for both you and your eligible family members.  The following insurance programs are available:

  • Health/ Vision

  • Life/ Supplemental Life Insurance

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

  • Medical Insurance Supplemental

  • Dental Insurance

  • Cancer Insurance

  • Short Term Disability Insurance

jury duty pay.jpg

Jury Duty Pay

Goldsboro Builders Supply and Family of Companies recognizes the need for United States citizens to serve on jury duty when called upon to do so.  Any FULL-TIME employee who is summoned and reports for jury duty on a day otherwise scheduled to work shall be paid the difference between your base pay and any compensation you received for jury duty for a maximum of three weeks.

benevolence fund.png

Benevolence Fund

At Goldsboro Builders Supply and Family of Companies, we believe in our people and offering a helping hand to those in need. Through the GBS Benevolence Fund, we can do even more to help each other in a time of crisis.  Through our donations, help, and support we celebrate the gift of giving and opportunity to provide much needed assistance to members of our Goldsboro Builders supply Family, one good deed at a time.

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